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E.U. Autowerks, established 2004

E.U. Autowerks was founded in June 2004 by Courtney Walsh, a licensed German car technician since 1983 and a qualified Porsche Master Technician. After working within the dealership network for 20 years, he decided it was time to venture out on his own with a goal of providing great service at a fair price.

With a talented team of technicians and experienced staff, Autowerks is now known as the area’s European car specialists. Autowerks provides scheduled maintenance, wheel alignments, tire install and wheel balancing, track day prep, electrical diagnosis and performance upgrades in a clean and bright environment.

Autowerks services a wide range of German and European vehicles, such as Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Lotus, Maserati and other fine automobiles. E.U. Autowerks also provides an alternative for out of warranty vehicles, whether you drive a family sedan or a weekend toy, our team has you covered.

Early Days 2006
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Come meet our team and experience the E.U. Autowerks difference!

Courtney Walsh

Courtney Walsh is a Master Porsche Technician with over twenty years of factory experience servicing fine european automobiles. Courtney began his history with Porsche in 1987 with Downtown Fine Cars. While there he also participated in the Rothmans Porsche turbo cup series with drivers Richard Spenard and Dave Empringham where they won 2 championships together. After that series folded, he worked a season with Canaska Racing in the Firehawk series where the team won the 24 hour race at Mosport that year.In 1993 Courtney moved to Pfaff Porsche and took some time off from racing to return in 1998 with Fiorano Motorsports in the Motorolla and Grand- am cup series. Courtney’s focus was on mastering suspension tuning during this time. Professionally, Courtney was reacquired by Downtown Fine Cars where he honed his technical skills achieving his Porsche Master Technician status in 2002. The highlight of his racing career came in 2004, where in combination with Doncaster Racing, they won the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona. That same year Courtney successfully opened E.U. Autowerks.

Ryan Zanini

 Ryan began his automotive career detailing part time at a local Lotus dealership. He was awarded an extraordinary achievement award for his contributions to his automotive Co-op program and then completed Centennial College’s Automotive Technician program. Ryan has worked with Volkswagen as a Parts Advisor and then as a Service Advisor, shortly before becoming a Parts Advisor for Porsche. He is well known and respected in the industry for his enthusiasm, knowledge, and excellent customer service. Ryan’s increasing interest in the performance aspect of cars had him searching for more experience away from the dealership environment. Ryan joined Autowerks in March of 2011 and has since become a leading member of the team.
Ryan’s growing interest in the racing scene contributed to his decision to join Autowerks. Whether it’s recommendations on upgrades for your vehicle or simply chatting about last weekend’s race, Ryan is always eager to discuss issues that pertain to Autowerks’ new endeavor, Autowerks Racing & Development. Ryan owns his own Volkswagen Golf R and continues to modify and maintain it in attempt to have it keep up with Porsche’s on the track.

Vanessa Campolucci

Vanessa was born with racing in her veins as she comes from a family of drag racers.  As a child she would constantly be at weekend track days cheering on her father and brother as they raced their six second Pontiac GTO door slammer.  Knowing all she does about racing, she is always eager to learn and be a part of the circuit side of racing with Autowerks.

Vanessa is our very personable and enthusiastic receptionist.  She enjoys conversing with customers on a daily basis and is always willing to go the extra mile to help.

Lawrence Man

Lawrence Man has been in the automotive business since 1997 and has been a licensed automotive technician since 2000. Lawrence began his automotive career working with two of the best automotive fabricators in the business at Canadian Pragmatics. After working for a few years with Terry Cleland and Jay Lloyds, Lawrence went to work for the infamous Ludwig Heimrath at Heimrath Porsche for a short stint where he performed day to day service work and was still exposed to race cars doing some prep work. In late 2000, Lawrence began working for Fiorano Racing with Giovanni Panico, preparing race cars and learning the fine art of suspension set up. Lawrence stayed with Fiorano until summer of 2004 where he joined the team at Autowerks.

After joining Autowerks, Lawrence continued to shine where his ability to absorb information and with his dedication to the job at hand, Lawrence has become the complete all round technician with his great abilities to fabricate, problem solve, suspensions set up and daily servicing. Lawrence has also become a big part of the team at Autowerks and their growth. Lawrence also adds to his wealth of knowledge by adding training certificates with Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi and CFC/HCFC/HFC Air conditioning with further courses to come.

Raimondo Bonanno

Ray discovered his passion for cars at a young age taking apart and reassembling motorcycles as a hobby. As he honed in on his mechanical skills he realized he was most drawn to the complexity of automobiles. Ray was only 16 when he began working as an apprentice mechanic on everything from domestic cars to transport trucks, and it was obvious he was a natural. Constantly seeking a challenge, Ray was drawn to the more complex engineering of European cars. Ray joined the Autowerks team in 2009. Over the years Ray has proven his worth as a valuable automotive service technician. He has become a fully certified technician in his time here at Autowerks and still continues to show the passion and pride he did when he first started at Autowerks. His expertise has expanded to everything automotive and accels at everything from Motorcycles, to diesel repair, to high horsepower builds having taken part in building everything from 600whp Mitsubishi Evolution’s to his current project a 2013 Subaru STI with big plans in the near future

Filippo Marcellino

As with all our technicians here at Autowerks, Filippo grew up with a strong passion for cars. From playing with toy cars as a toddler to working on his own cars as a teenager, Filippo always had a strong interest in everything to do with cars. Filippo’s passion grew as a result of will and hard work as he is the only member of his family involved in the automotive industry. Having accumulated a large amount of experience already, Filippo is currently in the midst of completing his automotive apprenticeship and is continuing his education at Centennial College to become a fully licensed technician.

Filippo joined the Autowerks team in summer of 2011; he was drawn to Autowerks because of his particular interest in European vehicles. Filippo has a self-stated obsession with Volkswagen’s and maintains his 1992 Jetta with impeccable care. Filippo has excellent problem solving skills and is always up to a challenge, working on vehicles with the utmost care and attention. We are glad he has become an integral part of our family.

Keegan Roman

keegan Keegan has been part of the Autowerks team and in the trade for over 2 years now and has show an excellent technical prowess and work ethic in what he does. Always willing to push himself to complete the task at hand he has time and again shown us that his perseverance and problem solving skills are an asset to Autowerks. Keegan’s love for everything cars came from his Father who has worked for Mercedes Benz for over 30 years. He has a passion for all things automotive but in particular Mercedes and Formula 1. This passion continues to make him a very important asset to the Autowerks Team.

Decio Costa

 Decio has only been with Autowerks a short time but has already past all of our expectations. His technical ability and work ethic is impeccable and the only thing stronger is his love of everything automotive. Originally in the Canadian Armed Forces, Decio searched for something closer to his passion. Having always been a fan of Porsche and 993’s in particular, Autowerks was a natural fit for him.

Americo Brito

americoAmerico has been with Autowerks since late 2013 and has become an essential part of every aspect of our facility. He is a long time car lover always happy to remenisce about some of his past cars such as his Audi 4000 Quattro. He has been a certified welder for over 30 years having worked in Portugal and most recently locally in Canada fabricating and welding high pressure gas systems for local industries. Autowerks presented him an opportunity to take on a new challenge that has seen him become a valuable member who is willing to help with everything from shop improvements to complex fabrication projects. He is a very detail oriented person who always is willing to help with any issues that may arise.

Michael Skidmore

Michael is the newest member of the Autowerks team and has already shown us great enthusiasm for his work. He eagarly takes on new tasks with no hesitation and is always willing to learn. Michael has also displayed excellent customer service and is always a positive member of our great Autowerks team



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