996 Turbo

Taking the 996 Turbo to the limit

The 996 Turbo is an important part of Porsche history as being the first North American production water-cooled 911 Turbo. From the factory the 3.6L flat six produced 415hp and used AWD to get every bit of it to the ground. The result was an exciting car that let its driver enjoy the thrill of a turbocharged car that’s still easy to drive and enjoy everyday.

This particular 996 Turbo though has surpassed its already incredible performance numbers and has become one of the fastest Porsche’s in Canada. Including the use of larger turbochargers, larger intercoolers, high flow fuel pumps, larger injectors, and custom software this car produce’s an absolutely monstrous 733hp at the rear wheels.

The modifications didn’t stop there as we also fitted Bilstein suspension and removed the front differential to lower the vehicles overall weight. These were essential modifications as the car required extensive setup time to keep it stable when its driver decided to unleash all of its power to the earth.

Keep an eye on this page as there is more to come for this already incredible car.



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