997.1 GT3

A GT3 for all Occasions

The GT3 is considered by many to be one of the few cars available to the public that gives its driver the feel of an agile race car that still requires a validation sticker. Despite this ability to be driven around comfortably on the street, the GT3 is at home on the track. This particular GT3 is an example of just how much fun you can have at the track while still maintaining a factory warranty and good behaviour on the street.

Every aspect of the car’s dynamics were addressed to give a complete package that yielded a GT3 that met all of it’s owners requirements and continues to be a great example of how to take a good car and make it great. The first step was to apply a brake setup that utilized the factory calipers along with an upgraded rotor and pad. Once brake fade became a fading memory we tackled the vehicles alignment and ride height settings to keep the car stable at its limit once its CCW wheels and Kumho V710 tires were fitted for track use.

Our customer was not only interested in improving his car but also improving his own skill level. A great way to learn from your driving is the installation of an AIM Data Acquisition system.

The AIM Evo4 Data Acquisition System (DAS) along with AIM’s Mychron3 dash. The GT3 uses the factory CAN protocol to transfer information throughout the car’s electronic system.

We installed the head unit near the factory ECU in the space normally used for other factory electronics. We fabricated a dash mount that uses the factory cup holder and ran the wires up through the centre tunnel to ensure a clean installation. Finally, we installed a switch in the centre console alongside the USB cable. The result is a system that provides professional telemetry that can make going to the track an even more fulfilling experience.


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