997 GT2

GT2 Track Monster

The owner of this pristine White 2009 Porsche GT2 was looking for performance and suspension upgrades that would make his GT2 the ultimate track car. In addition to some serious suspension upgrades, he wanted to be able to record and review his progress on the track. A Via CAN Data VBox along with two microphones and two in-car cameras were his answer. Using the meticulous expertise of one of our head technicians, we created a custom wiring setup for the camera’s, mic’s and the VBox.

The Via CAN Data VBox was installed in the lower section of the centre console which required some modification. It was mounted to ensure that upon removal, the ability to return to the factory look was possible with minimal appearance-related consequences (only one small hole in the upper panel).The corresponding Racelogic screen reader was mounted to the driver’s side air vent with a custom fabricated bracket. All CAN lines were wired to the DME and hidden.Two microphones were installed; one on the inside of the rear windshield and the other in a compartment of the centre console.

The limited slip differential was removed and reworked to a 40/60 lock-up followed by a pair of Wevo engine mounts to limit engine and transmission movement.The factory intercoolers were removed and replaced with larger versions to handle the extra heat from track use.

The suspension was next and with the installation of GT3 Cup car front control arms and upgraded adjustable suspension components we were able to fully setup the suspension to allow the car to make full use of its Hoosier R6 tires at the track.


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