997.2 GT3 RS

More Bark and More Bite

The GT3 is already a formidable track car. When Porsche unleashed its 3.8L version of the GT3 RS in 2010 it redefined just how far you can push the limits of a naturally aspirated flat 6 engine. This particular GT3 RS received upgrades that complimented its already great features.

The performance of the GT3 usually never comes into question as its 450hp is planted and utilized so well. The GT3’s exhaust tone is already intoxicating but in this case the deletion of the side mufflers brought out an even greater sound. That combined with the weight savings of the side mufflers made for a great value as all that was required was the fabrication and installation of the side muffler bypass pipes.

After installing upgraded suspension components we then set the ride height and alignment to improve the vehicles dynamics. Finally to ensure that our customer could get the most out of the package at the track, we mounted a set of Hoosier R6 tires. The results were a GT3 RS that stuck to the road with as much ferocity as its exhaust tone produced.


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